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Our Clergy

Fr. Tyler Bischoff: Parochial Administrator

Fr. Tyler Bischoff

Parochial Administrator

Fr. Michael Lingaur: Parochial Vicar

Fr. Michael Lingaur

Parochial Vicar

Deacon Michael Roy: Deacon

Deacon Michael Roy


Parish Office Staff

Jason Pemberton: Operations Manager

Jason Pemberton

Operations Manager
Kayla Adams: Coordinator of Communications & Development

Kayla Adams

Coordinator of Communications & Development
Seth Peters: Evangelization Coordinator

Seth Peters

Evangelization Coordinator
Angie King: Coordinator of Mission Support

Angie King

Coordinator of Mission Support
Jackie Benson: Parish Catechetical Leader

Jackie Benson

Parish Catechetical Leader
Penny Jones: Receptionist

Penny Jones

Bette Tadajewski: Bookkeeper

Bette Tadajewski


Judy Quast: Office Assistant

Judy Quast

Office Assistant

Maintenance Staff

Joe Pokorzynski: Facilities Manager

Joe Pokorzynski

Facilities Manager

Ken Smarr: Maintenance

Ken Smarr


All Saints Catholic School Staff

Alison Woods: Upper Elementary Teacher

Alison Woods

Upper Elementary Teacher
Amy Peters: Kindergarten Teacher

Amy Peters

Kindergarten Teacher
Anna Brindley: 3rd/4th Grade Teacher

Anna Brindley

3rd/4th Grade Teacher
Christopher Wright: Middle School Teacher

Christopher Wright

Middle School Teacher
Courtney Wallace: 1st and 2nd Grade Teacher

Courtney Wallace

1st and 2nd Grade Teacher
Fawn Gies: Cafeteria and Aftercare Assistant

Fawn Gies

Cafeteria and Aftercare Assistant
Felisha Allen: Lead Early Childhood Teacher

Felisha Allen

Lead Early Childhood Teacher
Jon Benson: School and St. Mary Custodian

Jon Benson

School and St. Mary Custodian
Katelyn Carr: Pre-School Teacher

Katelyn Carr

Pre-School Teacher
Melissa Doubek: Principal

Melissa Doubek

Terry Hoag: Instructional Aide

Terry Hoag

Instructional Aide
Terry Kinney: Coordinator of Mission Support (School)

Terry Kinney

Coordinator of Mission Support (School)

Holy Cross Cemetery Staff

Clayton Weaver: Cemetery Staff

Clayton Weaver

Cemetery Staff

Tim Wieschowski: Cemetery Sexton

Tim Wieschowski

Cemetery Sexton

Friendship Room

Randy Macaulay: Director

Randy Macaulay