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“Therefore, since God in his mercy has given us this ministry, we never give up.” 1 Corinthians 4:1 (NLT)

We haven’t given up on Bible study! It will be very different this year because of restrictions we must observe, but Catholic Way Bible Study (CWBS) will be available to anyone interested, including those outside our parish. Our projected start date is October 19.

What We’re Studying

This year we will do a 22-week study of Acts of the Apostles. “Also known as the Gospel of the Holy Spirit, Acts is the exciting adventure of the birth of the Church. Meet Peter, John and Paul, apostles used by the Lord to spread the faith from Jerusalem through Samaria, Antioch, Asia…Rome and the ends of the earth.” (from Materials include homework question sheets for each week of lessons, vocabulary pages to be used for taking lecture notes, and maps and diagrams.

Bible Study During COVID-19

In charity to those most vulnerable to COVID-19, and in order to obey guidelines put in place to limit its spread, CWBS will Not include weekly large-group meetings on St. Anne’s campus. Instead, we suggest a 3-part process where members can participate in a way that’s comfortable and safe for them: Study, Connect, and Review.

  • Study – Complete the weekly study questions (homework) on your own. As in the past, doing your weekly lesson is a chance to engage with God’s Word, deepen your faith and grow in your knowledge of Scripture.
  • Connect – We encourage you to participate in a weekly Connection Group (CG) with one or more All Saints CWBS members to discuss the homework. Sharing answers and listening to others builds us all up as members of Christ’s Body. CGs will meet in whatever way the group chooses – in person, via phone, or by video conferencing. Meeting days/times are up to you, whenever it works best for your CG. The All Saints CWBS Coordinators can help you get in touch with a group that meets your needs. Being part of a CG is optional, but we think it’s the best part of CWBS!
  • Review – On your own or with friends, review the pre-recorded lecture by CWBS Teaching Leader Lavinia Spirito for a deeper level of understanding of the lesson. We will post links to stream the lecture video right to your smartphone or computer. A DVD (video) and CD (audio) version will also be available to check out at the parish office. We ask that the DVD and CD versions be used only by those who cannot do streaming. Streaming support will be available. Details about that will be included with your lesson packet.

How to Register

Interested in being part of our exciting study of Acts this year? Register Here

The study is offered this year at no cost to participants, however donations are welcome to help defray the costs of preparing materials and acquiring media.

Getting Your Study Materials

Lesson packets may be picked up at the parish office sliding window from 10 am to 2 pm.

To view a video explaining how CWBS will work this year please watch here.

To listen to Father Scott speak with Hans and Christine Stevens about Catholic Way Bible Study click here. In this video they discuss what to expect from the study and address some common questions and concerns.

Bible Study Wrap Up Video: