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Schedule & Video Links

Our schedule of lessons for the year is below, along with video links. To learn more about our parish study of the Book of Revelation, check out the information below the schedule.

Class DateLesson Number (Reading)Topic and Lecture Video Links
9/11No LessonWelcome, Orientation, Intro to Revelation – VIDEO
9/18Lesson 1 (Rev 1:1-8)Prologue; Greeting – VIDEO
9/25Lesson 2 (Rev 1:9-20)The First Vision – VIDEO
10/2Lesson 3 (Rev 2:1-11)Ephesus; Smyrna – VIDEO
10/9Lesson 4 (Rev 2:12-3:6)Pergamum; Thyatira; Sardis – VIDEO
10/16No Class
10/23Lesson 5 (Revelation 3:7-22)Philadelphia; Laodicea – VIDEO
10/30Lesson 6 (Rev 4-5)The Vision; the Scroll & the Lamb – VIDEO
11/6No ClassElection Day Setup
11/13Lesson 7 (Rev 6)The First Six Seals – VIDEO
11/20Lesson 8 (Rev 7)The Triumph of the Elect – VIDEO
11/27Lesson 9 (Rev 8)The Seventh Seal – the First Four Trumpets – VIDEO
12/4Lesson 10 (Rev 9)The Fifth & Sixth Trumpets – VIDEO
12/11Lesson 11 (Rev 10:1-11:14)The Small Scroll and the Two Witnesses – VIDEO
12/18Lesson 12 (Rev 11:15-12:6)The Ark of the Covenant – VIDEO
12/25 & 1/1No ClassMerry Christmas & Happy New Year
1/8Lesson 13 (Rev 12:7-18)The Dragon; Michael & the Woman – VIDEO
1/15Lesson 14 (Rev 13)The Beasts – VIDEO
1/22Lesson 15 (Rev 14)The Lamb’s Companions & the Harvest – VIDEO
1/29Lesson 16 (Rev 15-16)The Last Plagues – The Seven Bowls – VIDEO
2/5Lesson 17 (Rev 17)Babylon; the Beast & the Harlot – VIDEO
2/12Lesson 18 (Rev 18)The Fall of Babylon – VIDEO
2/19Lesson 19 (Rev 19)The Wedding Feast of the Lamb – VIDEO
2/26Lesson 20 (Rev 20)Judgment – VIDEO
3/4Lesson 21 (Rev 21)The New Heaven; New Earth; New Jerusalem – VIDEO
3/11Lesson 22 (Rev 22)Coming Soon; SHARE DAY – VIDEO

Schedule Changes: When schools are closed due to weather, CWBS is automatically cancelled. In the case of a weather cancellation or other schedule change, make-up sessions will not be held. Missed lectures can be streamed online or by checking out a DVD or CD from the Parish Office.

What We’re Studying

For the 2023-2024 season, we will be studying the Book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible. This often misunderstood book is not all about setting dates or identifying current events; it’s a deeply liturgical book revealing the triumph of God’s love and mercy despite humanity’s rebellion.

Ways to Participate

To accommodate as many people as possible we are once again offering TWO OPTIONS for participating in the study – choose the one that works best for you:

  • Monday Evening In-Person Study: Those choosing this option will meet for small group sessions and to view the lecture as a large group on Monday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30.
  • Remote Groups: For those who prefer meeting with their own group at their own time at the location and time of their choice, we will make the lecture videos available for streaming.

How to Register

To register for this year’s study, simply pick up your materials from the Parish office. If this is your first time studying with us, we will ask for your name along with an email and/or phone number so we can keep you updated with class info.

The study is offered this year at no cost to participants, however donations are welcome to help defray the costs of preparing materials and acquiring media.

God has blessed our parish through the study of the Sacred Scriptures, and we can’t wait to begin another year of Bible study with our brothers and sisters of All Saints Parish!