Winter Weather Policy

In the event that Alpena schools are closed due to weather
(snow, ice,
and even COLD ) . . .

When local schools are closed due to adverse weather conditions (yes, even cold), the Parish Office will be closed that morning and will open at noon.  Additionally, all morning parish activities are cancelled and the doors to All Saints Parish (and St. Anne Church will be locked until 11:30 am, unless there is a funeral that day).  If you have stopped by on a day of inclement weather to say a prayer and find that the doors are locked, may we suggest a reminder that Perpetual Adoration is ongoing at the Adoration Chapel at St. Mary Church.

The assumption will be that the noon Mass, and afternoon and evening activities will take place, but could be cancelled if adverse or dangerous conditions continue.  In that event, notices will be on the parish website, app, parish phone greeting, Facebook page, Flocknote and on WATZ radio (99.3 FM).  If you are not sure whether Mass or another parish activity will occur that day, information will be available on those sources by 11:00 AM.

In any case, please use sensible judgement whether it is safe for you to travel.  So, what does this actually mean on any given “snow day”?  Noon or evening Masses, and activities scheduled 12 noon or later will still take place unless you hear otherwise on the parish website, app, parish phone greeting, Facebook page, Flocknote or on WATZ radio (99.3 FM).  [The exception to this is Catholic Way Bible Study, Faith Formation, Youth Ministry and REDD.  These activities are cancelled whenever there is a snow day for whatever reason.]

***One notable exception: if a weather related school closure occurs on a Friday of the All Saints Catholic School 50/50 raffle drawing (the first Friday of the month), the 4:00 PM drawing will be postponed to the following Tuesday regardless of whether or not other afternoon parish activities resume that Friday.

So be sure to keep an ear to your radio and an eye
on the TV to be aware of any snow days
(or check out our website for “breaking news” updates)

Revised 1/21/2019