Scrip Program

What is Scrip Fundraising?

Scrip is fundraising while you shop. Here’s how it works: a family will buy a scrip gift card through your church’s scrip program. They’ll pay the full face value, but they’ll earn an immediate rebate percentage for the church that’s typically between 3% and 15% depending on the retailer. Then they use that gift card on their normal purchases.

So, for instance, you could buy gas from Shell with scrip.  You buy a $25 Shell gift card through the scrip program and with the rebate (2% for Shell), the parish makes 50 cents on that card.

You’re not spending extra money.  Our parish paid the scrip company $24.50 for the card and sold it to you for the face value on the card $25.  The difference (50 cents) is the rebate for the parish.  (And nothing to worry about . . . the card for your use is fully loaded with the $25 value you are paying).

50 cents doesn’t sound like much but when multiple people buy scrip cards, it all adds up!  2% is the rebate that Shell offers, but some retailers offer up to a 16% rebate (and sometime the rebates increase even more around the seasons [i.e. back to school, Christmas, etc.]).

Where can I purchase scrip cards?
  • During the weekdays, the cards are available at the Parish Office
    (Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 4 PM)
  • On the weekends, scrip cards are sold after the 4 PM Mass on Saturday
    and after the 7 AM, 9 AM and 11 AM Mass on Sunday the gathering area
    of our parish center.
List of Retailers

To check out more about scrip, including the list of retailers involved, click on the link below:

Great Lakes Scrip – Retailers