Stations of the Cross, Fridays during Lent

All Saints Parish will be having Stations of the Cross on Fridays during Lent at 5:30 pm. The doors will open at 5 pm and will be locked at 5:30. Doors will be unlocked again at 6 pm for Confessions which begin immediately following the stations, until 7 pm. Please consider attending this wonderful opportunity to come together to reflect on the Passion of our Lord and to receive the Sacrament of Confession.

If you are unable to come on Fridays, you can participate in Stations of the Cross by visiting our parish YouTube Channel here.

“A Plenary indulgence is granted to the faithful, who make the pious exercise the Way of the Cross.

Those who are “impeded” can gain the same indulgence, if they spend at least one half an hour in pious reading and meditation on the Passion and Death of our Lord Jesus Christ.” -Enchiridion Indulgentiarum – No. 63

Informed Series begins Tuesday Night, February 23rd

One of the things we offered last Lent, but which got cancelled as we experienced the shut-downs caused by the initial response to Covid, was the showing of the INFORMED videos. INFORMED is an informational series about the problem of pornography. Ironically, but not
surprisingly, porn usage has increased during the heightened isolation brought on by the Covid pandemic. The videos are not just for those who personally struggle with pornography.


Why should you come to the INFORMED series? Consider these statistics:

-The average age for first exposure to pornography is 8 years old!
-Every second 28,258 internet users are viewing pornography online, and 372
internet users are typing sexual terms into search engines
-Every 38 minutes a new pornographic video is being produced in the United States
-There are 420 million pornographic webpages online right now!
-There are 68 million daily porn search engine requests (25% of all search engine requests)
-On average, there are 4.5 billion pornographic emails sent each day
-There are 100,000 child pornography websites worldwide

We cannot afford to bury our heads in the sand and pretend that pornography isn’t a big problem. Learn what you can do to protect and help yourself and your family. (Remember that if you are struggling with the weight of sin from pornography, that Jesus is always ready to heal and forgive you in the Sacrament of Confession.) The Beads & Brew Men’s Prayer Group will be hosting the showing of INFORMED on Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm in the parish hall. Starting the first Tuesday in Lent, February 23rd and running for five consecutive Tuesdays; March 2nd, 9th, 16th, and 23rd.  There are five installments  and each one stands on its own.

The seating in the parish hall provides the appropriate social distancing and those coming will need to wear a face mask. Doors open at 6:30, and will be locked at 7 pm.

January 12, 2021 Snow/Ice Day

Due to icy road conditions, today, January 12, is a snow/ice day!

– The 9 am Mass will be livestreamed only (not open to in-person)
– The Parish office will remain closed until 11:00 am (if poor conditions continue, this may need to be reassessed)
– As was the case before the cancellation, there will be no Confessions held today.
– For any questions about Adoration at St. Mary’s, please check with your captain. And, as always, use your best judgement.
Stay safe.

Winter Weather Policy

In the event that Alpena schools are closed due to weather
(snow, ice,
and even COLD ) . . .

When the schools are closed due to adverse weather/road conditions, all morning parish activities will be cancelled, and the parish office and parish center doors will not be open until 11:00 am. The 9:00am Mass will still be celebrated but will be available via livestream only (no in-person attendance). The assumption will be that parish activities will resume at 11:00 am, unless determined otherwise for that particular day, and if that were the case information will be available on the parish phone message, and on our website and other social media.


Update on Fr. Scott

Not quite the way Fr. Scott planned on spending his birthday today, as he has been diagnosed with pneumonia. He has been told to rest, and continue to stay home until he is well again. While Fr. Scott and Fr. Joe share a home, they are continuing to take safety precautions to minimize exposure. He is grateful to all who sent along acts of  kindness (cards, prayers, etc).  If you miss hearing his words of wisdom, you can tune into Relevant Radio on Saturdays at 12 pm, or visit our parish website and listen to his podcast “Let’s Talk Catholic.”


Please continue to pray for him.

Christmas Flower Fund 2020


All Saints Catholic Parish
Christmas Flower Fund
In Honor of . . .
All Saints Parish Family Fr. Joe & Fr. Scott
Alexander, Debra Mary Vanhorn
Alexander, Debra Margaret Alexander
Blanton, Pauline Jessica Ford & Family
Blanton, Pauline Allison Peters
Blanton, Pauline Brian, Jason & Jonathon Blanton
Blanton, Pauline Jody Janczuk
Blanton, Pauline Betty Sytek
Blanton, Pauline Agatha Ropeta & Family
Blanton, Pauline Ronald Sytek & Family
Blanton, Pauline Mary Segrist & Family
James Cadieux Paul & Mae Cadieux
M/M Gerald Ciarkowski Health Care Workers
Damery, Mary Patricia Messink
Damery, Mary Roy Messink
M/M Jerry Pioszak Nancy Pioszak
Suszek, Rick & Sue Clinton Kirchoff
Suszek, Rick & Sue Alice Suszek
Suszek, Rick & Sue Uncle Ronald Wieschowski
In Memory of . . .
Alexander, Debra Peter Alexander
Alexander, Debra Richard Ward
Alexander, Debra LeRoy Lower
Anderson, M/M Kenneth Sarah Anderson
Anderson, M/M Raymond Archie & Agnes Anderson
Anderson, M/M Raymond Ray & Nina Bray
Andrzejewski, Mrs. Edward Edward Andrzejewski
Beatty, Val Dr. Ron Beatty
Beatty, Val Paul Beatty
Blanton, Pauline Norman Sytek
Bowen, M/M William M/M Robert Bowen
Bowen, M/M William Theodore Bedard
Bowen, M/M William M/M Wilfred Cousineau
Chadkewicz, Michael Mike & Esther Chadkewicz
Chadkewicz, Michael Rose Marie Chadkewicz
Chadkewicz, Michael Darlene Chadkewicz
Chadkewicz, Michael Ernest & Mary Grzesiak
Clute, M/M Doug Pat, Joan & Jack Wysocki
Clute, M/M Doug M/M Ed Wysocki
Clute, M/M Doug Don & Marvin Wysocki
DeCaire, Bernadette Tom (Deke) DeCaire
DeCaire, Bernadette Joseph & Lottie Roznowski
DeCaire, Bernadette Leonard & Florence DeCaire
DeCaire, Bernadette Mary Gibbons
DeWyre, M/M James Martha & Chester Szymanski
DeWyre, M/M James Chet Szymanski
DeWyre, M/M James Richard Wirgau
DeWyre, M/M James Sally Donakowski
DeWyre, M/M James Jane & Tom Baker
Donakowski, M/M Richard Phil & Myrtle Donakowski
Donakowski, M/M Richard Stanley & Mae Dziesinski
Donakowski, M/M Richard Obea & Florence Cain
Donajkowski, Maxine Dave Donajkowski
Dully, Kenneth & Marie Bill & Agnes Gilmet
Dully, Kenneth & Marie Cathy Dully
Dully, Kenneth & Marie Bill & Barb Dean
Dully, Kenneth & Marie Floyd & Lucille Dully
Dziesinski, M/M Richard Leo & Helen Smolinski
Dziesinski, M/M Richard Stan & Lois Dziesinski
Edmonds, M/M Fred Ron & Marie Whitney
Edmonds, M/M Fred Herman & Irene Gohl
Edmonds, M/M Fred Cameron Kohls
Edmonds, M/M Fred Henry Edmonds
Edmonds, M/M Fred Francis Roberts
Edmonds, M/M Fred Mary Ann & Joseph Brass
Fochtman, Michael Jane Fochtman Smith
Fochtman, Michael Edward & Opal Fochtman
Frey, M/M Donald Mindi Ane Frey
Frey, M/M Donald Florence & Harry Janeske
Frey, M/M Donald Orvil & Shirley Frey
Gallagher, Mrs. Patrick Patrick Gallagher
Gardner, Carl Richard & Margaret Gardner
Gehrke, Lori Gervin & Violet Pamerleau
Glomski, Robert Connie Glomski
Glomski, Robert M/M Jerry St.Onge
Glomski, Robert M/M Edwin Glomski
Goupell, Dale Mary & Edward Goupell
Greskowiak, Doris Natalie Greskowiak
Greskowiak, Doris Ronald Grey
Greskowiak, Doris Frances Krawczak
Gustafson, Tina Andrew &Rose Kajzerkowski
Gustafson, Tina John & Helen (Kajzerkowski) Niemiec
Gustafson, Tina Rose Zamenski
Gustafson, Tina Cathe (Niemiec) Lappan
Gustafson, Tina Claris Niemiec
Gustafson, Tina Janis (Niemiec) Gustafson
Halleck, M/M Barry Julian & Theresa Halleck
Halleck, M/M Barry Herbert & Lucille Rosenberry
Helinski, M/M Robert Margaret Crow
Helinski, M/M Robert Mary Ann Keating
Helinski, M/M Robert Leonard Helinski
Helinski, M/M Robert Blanche Helinski
Hoag, Terry John Hoag
Hoag, Terry Zachery Hoag
Hoitenga, M/M Robert Margaret Bean
Hoitenga, M/M Robert Marguerite Hoitenga
Holmes, Rene (children & grands Patsy Stoppa
Holzman, Barbara Thomas Holzman
Holzman, Barbara Bernard & Rose Odusky
Hoppe, Norbert M/M Theopolis Hoppe
Hoppe, Patricia Carl Hoppe
Hoppe, Patricia Ryan Seguin
Hoppe, Patricia Mike Hoppe
Hubert, Clara Lawrence E. Hubert
Jones, Jeannine Stan & Lois Dziesinski
Jones, Jeannine Ken & Karol Cain
Jones, Jeannine Jeraldine Piper
Jones, Jeannine Ronald LaRoche
Jones, Jeannine Marilyn Cain
Kaiser, Gary M/M John Kaiser
Kaiser, Gary Mrs. Donna Shaffer
Kieliszewski, Mrs. David David Kieliszewski
Kieliszewski, Mrs. David Frank & Blanche Dziesinski
Kieliszewski, Mrs. David Isadore & Blondine Kieliszewski
Kimball, Judith Katherine Ruklich
Kimball, Judith Dana Vera Kimball
Kneeshaw, Mary Lawrence Kneeshaw
Kneeshaw, Mary John & Joanna Avent
Kollien, James Janice Kollien
Kollien, James Dolores & Victor Kollien
Kollien, Pat & Patsy Dolores & Victor Kollien
Kolson, Andrew Jr. Elizabeth Kolson
Kolson, Andrew Jr. Helen Kolson
Kolson, Andrew Jr. Nora St. Onge
Kolson, Andrew Jr. Andrew Kolson
Kowalski, John & Julie Deceased Members of Losinski & Kowalski Families
Krajniak, M/M Alan Walter & Sophie Nowicki
Krajniak, M/M Alan Phil & Jane Krajniak
Krajniak, M/M Alan Janice Nowicki
Krajniak, Kim Walter & Sophie Nowicki
Krajniak, Kim Phil & Jane Krajniak
Landry, M/M Joseph Chet & Joyce Seguin
Laseck, Diane Joseph K. Mausolf
Laseck, Diane Al Laseck
Laseck, Diane Jos. & Eva Mausolf
Laseck, Diane John & Frances Laseck
Lewandowski, Mary Beth Archie & Violette Lewandowski
Lewandowski, Mary Beth James & Florence Szejbach
Lewandowski, Mary Beth James & Anna Lewandowski
Lewandowski, Mary Beth Harold Szejbach
Lewandowski, Mary Beth Mary & Katie Elizabeth Purol
Lixie, M/M James Ulric & Lillian Lixie
Lixie, M/M James Harold & Edna Mousseau
Lixie, M/M James Bob Ferguson
Losinski, Larry & Pat Genevieve & Tony Losinski
Losinski, Larry & Pat Frank & Katie Derry
Matash, Dolores Edward Matash
Matthes, Mrs. Terrence Terry Matthes
Matthes, Mrs. Terrence Arlyn Mills
McQuarrie, M/M Larry Chet & Florence Skowronek
McQuarrie, M/M Larry Martha, Jennifer & Jeffrey McQuarrie
Mills, Joan Stewart & Viola Mills
Mischloney, M/M Robert Helen & Zeke Woods
Mischloney, M/M Robert Florian Mischloney
Mischloney, M/M Robert Alvin Zadow
Mischloney, M/M Robert Justin Bies
Motley, Judith Felix & Emily Woloszyk
Motley, Judith Donald Woloszyk
Motley, Judith Eugene Motley
Mullaney, Patricia Charles & Stella Badics
Mullaney, Patricia Ron Badics
Mullaney, Patricia Anna Mullaney
Murphy, Catherine Thomas Murphy Jr.
Murphy, Catherine John Robert Murphy
Murphy, Catherine Mary Jo Murphy
Murphy, Catherine Lloyd & Frances Skiba Family
Murphy, Catherine John & Mary Skiba Family
Nowak, Tom & Jean Dolores & Victor Kollien
Ohlrich, Mrs. James James Ohlrich
O’Neil, M/M Michael Robert & Mary Ann Wikaryasz
O’Neil, M/M Michael Jan Scott
Orban, Theresa Mel Orban
Orban, Theresa Anthony & Genevieve Losinski
Orban, Theresa Leo & Celia Orban
Orban, Theresa Roman & Helen Smolinski
Orban, Theresa Barb & Bob Donajkowski
Orban, Theresa Ronette Pilarski
Orban, Theresa Frank & Dorothy Romanik
Pahlkotter, Mary Ron & Marge Pahlkotter
Pahlkotter, Mary Shirley Pahlkotter
Pahlkotter, Mary Joe Schrems
Pelleran, Carole Walter & Germaine McKay
Pelleran, Carole Kenneth McKay
Pelleran, Carole Jane McKay
Pelleran, Carole Prudy Pelleran
Pelleran, Carole Randy Mousseau
Pelleran, Carole Roger Pelleran
Pioszak, M/M Jerry Gerald R. Pioszak
Pioszak, M/M Jerry Frances Carlucci
Pioszak, M/M Jerry Nicholas Carlucci
Plume, Mary Ann James Plume
Pokorski, M/M Theodore Julia Taratuta
Pokorski, M/M Theodore Rose Pokorski
Quast, Judy John & Mark Quast
Quast, Judy Tom & Clara Murphy
Quast, Judy Isabelle Fitzpatrick
Randazzo, M/M Andrew Jimmy Schwieger
Regan, M/M Anthony John & Genevieve Talaska
Regan, M/M Anthony John & Clara Gapczynski
Regan, M/M Anthony Gerald & Evelyn Talaska
Regan, M/M Anthony Frederick & Virginia Regan
Regan, M/M Anthony Frank & Dora Merrill
Regan, M/M Anthony Albert & Mary Regan
Regan, M/M Anthony Patti Joyce
Regan, M/M Anthony Patty Ouellette
Regan, M/M Anthony Arlene & Ted Budnick Sr.
Regan, M/M Anthony Dolores & Bill Nowosielski
Regan, M/M Anthony Tommy Talaska
Regan, M/M Anthony Peter Talaska
Schultz, Andrew Marlys Schultz
Seguin, Mary Edward E. & Mary R. Seguin
Seguin, Mary Frances A. Seguin
Seguin, Mary Rev. Msgr. Raymond C. Mulka
Seguin, M/M Michael Joseph Micketti
Seguin, M/M Michael Wilfred Seguin
Seguin, M/M Phil Ryan Christopher Seguin
Seguin, M/M Phil Robert J. Seguin
Seguin, M/M Phil Armando Sosa
Stema, M/M Gerald Anthony, Clara & Robert Koss
Stema, M/M Gerald Edward & Helen Stema
Stoppa, Niel Kristin Marie Stoppa
Suszek, Rick & Sue Winnie Kirchoff
Suszek, Rick & Sue Edwin Suszek
Suszek, Rick & Sue Rose Wieschowski
Sytek, Betty Avis Hinks
Sytek, Betty Norman Sytek
Sytek, Betty Joe & Bernice Pilarski
Sytek, Betty Florian & Viola Sytek
Sytek, Betty Joe & Frances Marzean
Szymanski, M/M Gary Gary Szymanski Family
Szymanski, M/M Gary Utecht Family
Szymanski, M/M Gary Brian Nowland
Szymanski, Sue Edward & Mary Seguin
Szydlowski, Mike, Cindy & Family Gene Szydlowski
Talaski, M/M William Heidi Jo Talaski
Visger, M/M John Ernest Peplinski Family
Whitus, M/M Albert Elise Whitus
Wirgau, Marcia Richard Wirgau
Wojt, M/M Joseph Tom & Charlotte Higgins
Wojt, M/M Joseph Leonard & Vivian Wojt
Zielinski, Linda Grasylda Zielinski
Zielinski, Linda Don Zielinski
Zolnierek, Mrs. Joseph Delmar Kieliszewski
Zolnierek, Mrs. Joseph Joseph A. Zolnierek
Those Who Gave Without An Intention
Bauer, M/M David
Bleau, M/M Joseph
Donnelly, Mona
Frantz, Bonita
Golding, Robert & Valerie
Gouin, M/M William
Hozeska, Raymond
Kamyszek, Mrs. Eugene
Kamyszek, M/M Lawrence
Kennedy, M/M Jeffry
Kroll, Alice
LaHaie, M/M Virgil
Machowicz, M/M John
Pauley, Ruth
Piper, M/M James F.
Przeslawski, M/M Daniel
Schulke, Mary
Sobeck, Joyce
Tadjewski, Leon Jr.
Warren, Irene
Wils, M/M James

Find Live Adoration Links Here

For those who wish, I encourage everyone in this, Adoration can continue by using Live Adoration on line. As long as it is LIVE it is really Him that you are meeting with. See the links below:

May God bless everyone of you. Pray about the absence of the real Presence in your life. That we may always thirst and long for His company.

Father Scott