Snow Day Policy

In the event that Alpena schools are closed due to weather
(snow, ice,
and even COLD ) . . .

  • The daily Mass will be CANCELLED
    (this includes any evening Masses, i.e. the Wednesday evening Mass)
  • Faith formation, as well as junior and senior high youth
    ministry gatherings, are CANCELLED for that evening.
  • The parish office will be CLOSED.
  • If it happens on the All Saints School monthly 50/50 Raffle Day (usually the first Friday of the month), the drawing will take place the following Tuesday at it’s usual time.
  • Most evening events (i.e. meetings) will also be
    cancelled on those days.

So be sure to keep an ear to your radio and an eye
on the TV to be aware of any snow days
(or check out our website for “breaking news” updates)